Taking a break

Since more than two years we are working on this plugin in our spare time, and a lot of things changed since then.

The last year and half neither of us  (Edgar and i) use wordpress any more in our diary work.

so, work on magic fields is hard because, create new features, or fix bugs for a software to i’m  not using right now for free is not very motivating.

For that i think to is time to take a break, i will stop to work on Magic Fields for a while, i want take a look in a new projects, get new ideas maybe for this plugin or for any new project.

Magic Fields tought me a lot about how works the free software, and i’m very grateful for that.

Magic fields  will continue development by Edgar (and any one who want to help in the development of MF) , i’m the only one who will take a break so, i think the new versions will be releases a little more slower but will be continue.

David aka Gnuget.

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34 responses to “Taking a break”

  1. Gnuget says:

    Hi Marco.

    This plugin is still alive.

    Thanks to all for your wishes for me.

    I will start to work on MF right away :-)

  2. Francisco says:

    Hola!, quisiera saber si el desarrollo de MF continuará, es un plugin maravilloso y muy útil. También me gustaría saber si el plugin retomará funciones de la versión anterior cómo es crear paneles para editar páginas.

    Muchos saludos y gracias!

  3. Gnuget says:

    Hola Francisco.

    Si, el desarrollo de magic fields no se ha detenido, va lento por nuestro limitado tiempo libre pero seguimos trabajando en él.

    A que te refieres a crear paneles para editar paginas?

    Había una feature que nos estaban pidiendo mucho que al crear un post type de tipo “pagina” dejará escoger el template cuando se crean las paginas, esa funcionalidad actualmente ya la tenemos ne desarrollo (si nos ayudas a probarla estaría genial) y en breve vamos a lanzar una nueva versión.

  4. Francisco says:

    Hoa David, si exacto esa opción de poder generar un panel y poder elegir que el post type sea página, y a la vez poder seleccionar el template a usar es excelente, así como poder definir si es una página singular o múltiple.

    Con gusto me gustaría probar esa funcionalidad.

    Por otro lado te quería comentar que vivo en el df (soy diseñador gráfico), me gustaría saber si en el caso de necesitar una asesoría personalizada te pudiera contactar para contratar horas de asesoría. Por otro lado desde hace mucho vengo pensando que igual tener una versión premium de MF sería ideal para ustedes y para nosotros los usuarios como tipo GravityForms.

    Muchos saludos y gracias!, tu me dices que puedo hacer para poder probar el Beta de esta versión que mencionas.

  5. Gnuget says:

    Si, estamos ya decididos en vender soporte para el plugin porque mucha gente nos ha estado comentando acerca de esto.

    Por otro lado, claro si quieres contactarme puedes hacerlo en :

    david [arroba] magicfields.org

    y platicamos acerca de soporte especializado.


  6. Peter says:

    Hello there!

    Do you plan in continuing this product. I hope this is what I am looking fore. And a Wiki that works would be fine :-) I have read on your site but am unable to get it to work. Need a wiki or tutorial that complies with the latest WP

    Good Job!

  7. Dorothy says:

    Hi David,

    We use magic fields on our website & it is great! I was wondering, is it compatible with the latest wordpress version 3.4.2? (We have magic fields


  8. Felipe says:

    Hi David. First, i’d like to thank you for this amazing plugin.

    Bud, i made some tweaks to fields accepts css class and so add validation thought css. I’d like to contribute with you this tweaks, they are simple but allowed me to validate fields on client side and maybe on server side.

    Thanks for all and you have my email, so if you like just contact-me. I’ll be very glad in help you.

    Sorry for english mistakes, i’m from Brazil.

  9. Matt P says:

    So far the plugin has been great, however…

    It is very unprofessional to just disappear. I understand you guys are busy / have other commitments but you should at least let the community know whats going on.

    People rely on plugins like this, hence why you wrote it. You at some point understood people needed this, which is cool, and thank you, but now you have left the same people in a bigger mess than not using magic fields.

  10. hunk says:

    Hi Matt, we know that many people use this project, personally I prefer to devote my time to projects that have an economic benefit for me, for me it was very sad to spend time on a project where I just use it to make a profit and few assist the project is helping to generate that profit. released the version 2.x hoping people will help this project, unfortunately it was

    I’ve added several things in version 2.x, things that you requested in the Wishlist and I posted a message on Google Groups if you can try and tell me if it works properly and no one has responded, now anyone can make a fork of the project on github and make a request to add their changes, I have no problem if someone else wants to take the project and continue.


  11. Felipe says:

    The plugin is free and open source. The creators does not have the obligation to continue developing it.

    I have modified it to my needs and it’s a great plugin, really thanks for developing it guys.

  12. Marco says:

    Hi Hunk,

    I think everybody understands, but a) i’m watching github, not google code, because b) you told us to hang on until you manage to write a script that helps old users to migrate their data to v.2.

    Sorry to bug you, but if you hadn’t told me you’d start working on it ‘right away’ in July I might have spared you from expressing my disappointment now. I – as many others – told you we’d pay for a premium plug-in, so you could have gotten something going here, if only you had communicated.

    It is far more frustrating to see another great project go up in smoke and have to find a matching solution for every project I used it with, than supporting its developers.

    I guess I’m just a bit pissed by phrases like ‘I prefer to devote my time to projects that have an economic benefit for me’, when you haven’t really tried in the first place. You guys had such a great flow in the beginning.

    Anyway, live long and prosper,


    Felipe: I understand, but not every user is a developer, so it’s not that easy for all of us alike.

  13. Matt P says:

    Hi Hunk

    Why not consider doing a kick-starter and seeing if MagicFields will fund itself? I would be happy to contribute as im sure will many others. Otherwise it might be worth putting up a blog post telling people the status of the plugin.


  14. Magenta Cuda says:

    I only started using Magic Fields 2 in the last few days in November. I really like your product. It is easy to understand, easy to use and does exactly what you expect. But, I almost decided not to use Magic Fields because your English documentation is not very good. You have a good product here and I think it can have a good future. If I were you I would not give up yet (especially if little or no work is required to work with the new WordPress 3.5). I would do over your English website because it does not accurately reflect the quality of your product. (In my case I thought if the workmanship of this website is the same as the workmanship of the product then I do not want to use this product.) Then wait a half year and see if a well done English website and documentation makes a difference. Although, I am a native speaker of English, English was my worst subject in school but I am willing to help you with English translations. I have setup a fan website, http://magicfields17.wordpress.com/ to try and help Magic Fields.