Preview of the new Magic Fields UI

In the next version of Magic Fields  come with a new UI.

We are very happy with this, all the new skin  was made by Travis Hensgen (@_traversal)

And below  i put a couple of pictures about how looks magic fields nowdays and how will look in the next release.


In the next release:

Thanks Travis :)

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11 responses to “Preview of the new Magic Fields UI”

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  2. Andy says:

    Much better guys. Great work so far and loving the fact that you are working on making mf better!

  3. Daniele says:

    Great! Thanks for the continuos improving of this useful plugin.

  4. Florin says:

    It looks a lot better, congrats! Do you have an idea when it will be available on downloads?

    Question: How will the upload picture work? I would make it a lot simpler than it is now (using the WP upload) as that way of uploading confuses normal users who don’t know what the positioning/floating is used for, etc.

  5. Gnuget says:

    Actually exists 2 custom fields for upload images:

    1. Using the WP Upload
    2. Using a “file input” directly in the custom field.

    So if you get troubles with the wp upload try with the other one

  6. Travis says:

    Cheers guys, I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re bringing my new interface code into magic fields, it’s a really big honour to be part of the team behind my favourite WordPress plug-in!

    I’m using it right now for a pretty big project, and it’s really nice to use for custom field entry, particularly for pages / posts with a LOT of custom field data.

    I can’t wait until you guys can wrap up the code for the next version and get it into everyone else’s hands! I hope everyone else finds the improvements to be useful, and will welcome any feedback (good and bad). :)

  7. Camilo says:

    Great looks! Congrats!

  8. Lee says:

    Hi guys, looks much neater, will this be released as a 1.4.6 with all the patches rolled up?

    If so when do you think it will be ready, I have a project waiting to go right now!



  9. His plugins are great and have helped many of us throughout this journey in WordPress. Even now, many resource use categories, and still no plugin that works with “post types” attach a “post type” to a category, and taxonomy do not speak, I speak the same category in itself. For example, I have a plugin that slides only receive posts via category, so I did not feel like creating a post to manage type posts for this slide because they do not attach anything to a specific category, as do the magic fields in the option Write Panels “assign to category”, then had to use a panel instead of write a post type was where the magic fields saved me! Congratulations and sorry for my English because I am Brazilian and I am still learning! hugs!

  10. zac says:

    Great! I love this plugin! Good idea to add the reminder to update or publish your post. Thanks so much for your work!

  11. Huroman says:

    I’ll love the collapse option!