A few weeks ago we started working in a plugin that will enable Magic Fields to work sealessly with WPML, since this plugin needed version 1.5 and it has allready been released, we have the pleasure to make it available to everyone.

This new plugin fixes compatibility issues that existed between Magic Fields and WPML, it also enables you to choose which custom fields will stay sincronized between languages so you will only have to translate those contents which are really required.

Download this plugin here:

Any issue report it here:

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23 responses to “MF + WPML!”

  1. Richard says:

    Are there any plans to get this plugin working with the latest version of WPML and Magic Fields 1.6?

  2. Gnuget says:

    there is no plans in a short term.


  3. morten t says:

    Which version of WP / MF will work? I just upgraded MF to 1.6.1 before installing WPML but I am still on WP 3.3.1. Will it work if I downgrade MF to 1.5.8?