Magic Fields 2.1 Released with compatibility for WordPress 3.5

Has been a year since our last release, and a lot of things happened since then, a lot of fixes and new features was added.

The development was slow but never was stopped thanks to some developers who helped us to fix a lot of bugs.

This release add compatiblity with WordPress 3.5 and has many corrections.

This new version is also an announcement : we come back to work actively on this plugin.

You can follow the development at the github repository.

And get support at the google groups. 



New Features:

– Compatible with WordPress 3.5

– Now is possible choice a page template per post (when the “page attribute” is checked in the post type configuration)

– Post type unique, now is possible create post types with only one post, (useful for create static pages)

 – adding “set_front” option at the Post type configuration page

– New field term type.

Some fixes:

– Issue #158. WordPress new media upload conflict.

– Issue #139. Decimal numbers at the “slider” field

– Update the Datepicker Plugin

– Issue #118 File name not visible (field type file) thx to gabor udvari for the fix

And there is a lot more fixes.


Thanks to those developers who worked in fix bugs in this version.

Download Magic Fields 2.1

MF 1.6 with foxes for WP 3.5 here

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8 responses to “Magic Fields 2.1 Released with compatibility for WordPress 3.5”

  1. Richard says:

    Will there be a similar update to Version 1 of Magic Fields (

  2. Richard says:

    Perfect – thank you.

  3. Edward says:

    Wonderful, I’ve been waiting for an update for a long time as it’s a brilliant plugin!

    Have you considered creating the functionality to upgrade v1 to v2? I still have a few old sites using v1 and it’d be great to be on 2.1!


  4. Josh Jacoby says:

    Superb! I love this plugin, I have even blogged about it! I was worried about long term prospects, this is great.

  5. Gnuget says:


    Yes, migrate content for v1 to v2 is something to is still in our plans, but currently we can put a time frame for it.

  6. Ludovic says:

    Great news ! I love this plugin and i’m very happy you guys still upddate it :-)

  7. Kieran says:

    Great to see you guys are updating again. Your plugin is great and the simplicity is still yet to be matched. Keep up the great work.

    PS. A Migration from v1 to v2 would be amazing!

    Thanks for your plugin.