Magic Fields 2.0 Beta 1 is released

We are working in the new version of magic fields since a few months ago and we was thinking in make a commercial plugin from mf2 in fact we asked in the support forum about if some one was interested in paid for magic fields (you can read the thread here).

But, we will not continue with this plan, this weekend we took the desicion to preserve free (libre y gratis) the new release of magic fields.

And as part of this decision we are glad to say to Magic Fields 2.0 is ready to be tested.

A few new features of Magic Fields are:

  • Was COMPLETELY rewritten, now is more small, clean, smart, and more extensible.
  • Has a native support for WordPress post types.
  • include a UI for create your own taxonomies
  • The custom fields are not part of the core anymore this means to in the future we will possible to create a third party custom fields.

A few things to you need take in account is:

  • Magic Fields 2.0 is not backward compatible with magic fields 1.x.
  • MF2 require php 5 or newer.

if you want help us to test magic fields 2 get a copy of the development version from here:

Report any bug or issue here:

And you can found the documentation for this new release here:

And just for finish, if you are a happy user of magic fields, please consider make a donation, with your support and donations we can continue working on this plugin.

Have fun.

PD. For whom want a special support or have projects where you need help from us, soon we will offer a commercial support for the plugin.

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37 responses to “Magic Fields 2.0 Beta 1 is released”

  1. Gnuget says:


    We not have a final date, but in this moment in the development version was fixed almost 30 bugs, so the first stable release is inminent

    You can see here the milestone:

  2. Abaloo says:

    Hey, thanks for your super quick reply.

    So is there only one issue to correct now, looking at github that seems to be the case.

    What do you think about using it anytime soon in a production site.

    Also, the audio player – is it html5 based – will it work in mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone?

    Thanks, ab

  3. Abaloo says:

    Hi again,

    I tried the beta today, and there were a couple of immediate things that struck me.

    First, and on a positive, the range of options is great, and the presentation of fields in the different custom post types is looking good.

    I was disappointed not to be able to add custom icons to post types, and more than anything was a bit put off by the use of English. This is more an observation than a criticism…I certainly couldn’t speak a second language that well.

    I just wanted to chime in to offer to tidy up your use of English in the admin areas before the plugin goes to full release? If I could help at all, I’d be glad to, as you people have done some amazing work with this and it would be such a shame for it to fall short as a result of something like that.

    Best wishes, Ab

  4. Gnuget says:

    Abaloo, thank you, feel free to fork the project on github for improve the language and make a pull request.

    Or if you don’t have account on github can you send me a email with suggestions for the language be more comprensive?


  5. Abaloo says:


    I’m not as knowledgable as you guys, so wouldn’t trust myself with a github fork, so I’ll put it all in an email for you in the next couple days, if that is okay?


  6. Gnuget says:


    is ok, thank you

  7. christian says:

    Hola, me gustaria saber como migrar de la vesion 1.5 a la vercion 2 ?? es posible con solo desactivar un plugin y activar el 2.0?

    Muchas gracias por el plugin, es fenomenal


  8. hunk says:

    Hola Christian por el momento no hay un script para migrar desde 1.5 a 2.0, la estructura de las tablas cambio, pero aun se tienen relaciones que son parecidas, asi que si podria haber un script que migre todos los todos los datos. pero por el momento no le he dedicado tiempo a un script como este.


  9. christian says:

    Gracias por tu pronta respuesta Hunk.

    Por otro lado quisiera reportar un bug en la Version que es la que yo utilizo.

    Tengo un customfield del tipo Image, pero en esta versión dejo de funcionar el uploader desde url “Or URL:”. Coloco la URL de la imagen, le doy a upload, pero no pasa nada.

    te agradecería tu ayuda.


  10. Chris says:

    Hooray! This is awesome news, especially the compatibility with custom post types and taxonomies.

  11. JHouse says:


    From what I understand in your reply to Christian is that there isn’t a way to migrate from 1.5 to 2.0. Do you see this as a possibility in the (near) future?

    Thank you.

  12. Huroman says:

    Christian, entra al foro de google, ahí comenté cómo solucioné el problema. Búscalo como thumbnail o con mi user: Huroman

  13. Brandon says:


    I have used the flutter/magic fields plugin for ages. I recently came across having to install wordpress on the sql-server version of wordpress [ ] and found it doesn’t work at all. It doesnt give any errors but the problem is it doesnt save any custom panels/post types, it just remains blank after creation… was wonderign maybe there is a fix or some insight?

    Plugin is great and if ever there is a fix I would be the first one to test…

  14. David Smith says:

    I’ll a little disappointed that you can no any longer create individual pages with a custom fields. For example, on the older version of MF, I would create a Home Page option.

  15. This may not be off-topic, though is Magic Fields capable of adding custom fields to Category Editor as well? Thanks!

  16. Quirksmode says:

    Old thread, but in case anyone is listening I am also extremely disappointed you cannot create individual pages with custom fields anymore.

    I think you absolutely nailed it with Magic Fields 1 and I am so confused why you would have removed this functionality, it is so useful. Having said all that, keep up the hard work, Magic Fields is an incredible plug-in.

  17. Jaime says:

    Hellow i have one problem, recently some people ask me to make one site with MF over sql server y try with the plugin worpdres db abstraction, but MF doesnt work, some try this configuration?

    btw MF is awesome!