Magic Fields 1.5 Released!

After to  a month of testing we are proud of  launch magic fields V 1.5.

The most big feature on this release is without doubt the new UI, Thanks to  for this, but this is not the unique improvement  on this new release, Magic Fields 1.5 have a  plenty of new features and a few bugfixes if do you want to know which other improvements have this version you can check the change log of this release here:
We are pleased to annouce that after a month of testing we are ready to release Magic Fields v1.5!

This release has a fully reworked and new user interface designed by Travis Hensgen, also there are many new features and bug fixes, please read the changelog to see what new features are available and what bugs have been squashed!

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85 responses to “Magic Fields 1.5 Released!”

  1. Traversal says:

    @Andrew: there’s a whole bunch of define statements for file paths in MF_Constant.php. Have a look at that around the line 270 mark.

    Keep in mind though that if you change these directories in your build, any plug-in upgrades will overwrite your changes.

  2. Daniel Newns says:

    Im with andrew on this one, im trying to figure out a way that this plugin will be able to directly upload the images to amazon s3 instead of in the files_mf folder is this at all possible do you think?

  3. Could this be a future feature maybe? I use S3 quite a lot and would dearly love to dictate my directories for files without worrying if a client updates without my knowledge and I have to go back in and hack the plugin config.php..

    @Daniel Newns, dude, I believe the files have to pass through the wordpress directory storage first and then gets purged to S3 container.. this way if you wanna switch off S3 for a period of time, the file will get served locally as well as via S3.. for the quiet months of traffic ya know :)

  4. Is there any means to output a random index for a group of images? I’m looking for a way to use magic fields to render a different image on each page load.. somewhere in this code: <?php if (get('show_big_image_show_big_image', TRUE)){ echo '
    ‘;} else{} ?>

    Now I’m using the index of 1 here to target the first image, but I want to randomise the image chosen on each page load so that it varies the presentation etc.. any pointers?

  5. Sorry this was the code inside the echo statement get(‘photo_gallery_photo_gallery’,1)

  6. Alin Danila says:

    Hey David, we need your help big time, apparently the 3.1.1 update broke the magic fields plugin.
    It trows out this error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ../public_html/wp-content/plugins/magic-fields/RCCWP_Query.php on line 85
    i imagine one of these : $queryVarKey => $queryVarValue is undefined now, but i’m not that skilled in wordpress framework.
    Please give us a hint on how to fix this.

    Thanks mate

  7. Alin Danila says:

    i was wrong, that error is caused by an interference with the latest version of WP e-commerce plugin (Version 3.8)
    but i still want to know how we can fix this.


  8. SSS says:

    Hi, I am also getting the “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ../public_html/wp-content/plugins/magic-fields/RCCWP_Query.php on line 85” error in conflict with the new version of the wp e-commerce plugin.

  9. SSS says:

    It appears that in the latest wp e-commerce update “Products” were switched to custom post types. Perhaps this is related to the conflict? Any help would be greatly appreciated in resolving this!

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  11. Victor says:

    Hey guys, I’m having a problem with magic fields, I had a local wordpress installation and used magic fields, I exported the installation database and imported it on a server, when running locally, magic fields was working perfeclty but on the server, every time a try to add a new, edit, trash or anything I got a white page with this text:
    was deleted?’) ); if ( !current_user_can($post_type_object->cap->edit_post, $post_id) )

    I can’t paste it entirely because it’s too long, anyone can help me?

  12. Gnuget says:

    Hi Victor.

    You still have problems? or you can fix your issue? can you open a thread in the google groups and paste there the error? thanks

  13. Vic says:

    Something wrong with file field. It’s impossible upload files from local computer. Fild looks like that in WP v.3.0.2

  14. Hi there, a request for a feature (unless it’s already possible..) I have media already uploaded into my uploads folder via the Media Library and I want to pick a video from there.. at present there, is no means to pick from the library directly from a magic fields panel.. could we have the option on files to select to upload from local or Media Library please?

  15. Sam Blowes says:


    It seems MF 1.5 has been pulled from the wordpress plugin directory? If not can you please send a url.

    Also, I seem to remember seeing a MF 2.0 video on the web once? Can someone shed some light on this? Its been awfully quiet here at the MF website lately.

  16. Xavi says:

    Having troubles uploading 2 pdf files, when i’ve tried to upload them didn’t gave me any error but when it reaches 100% keeps waiting and waiting and waiting..

  17. hunk says:

    Hi Sam reader this , and yeah MF2.0 ( ) Already we are in the final phase

    Hi Xavi you uses ajax upload or normal upload?

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  19. Sam says:

    Please include support for webm / theora video in the next release. Had to hack the plugin a bit to get it in there.