Magic Fields 1.4 was released

A long time has passed  from our last release and this new release come with a lot of new stuff for the plugin.  check below the list of new things for this version of Magic Fields:
  • Magic Fields works fine with  the next release of WordPress (v3.0)
  • removed phpthumb, and was added a specific functions for make the same things to phpthumb would  do, this means to magic fields is now 7000 lines more lightweight
  • added a new type of field (markdown text field)
  • Prototype framework is not used anymore, now magic fields only use  jquery
  • Implemented new shortcodes for use the content of the magic fields inside of a post
  • Magic Fields now is avalaible in spanish and was added the .po and .mo files for translate MF in more languages.
  • integrated the changes made by the “living stories” team  for magic fields works well with  “living stories project
  • added a new option for delete the cache of the images  (for avoid overweight in the cache folder)
  • added a new function called get_clean this function doesn’t apply any filter of “the content” onto  the multiline field.
  • removed Edit in place feature,  this feature cause more troubles than benefits
  • Adding a new boton “html” in the multiline custom field.
  • new engine for remove  the physical files when a file is removed in a write panel
And These bugs was fixed:
  • magic fields don’t send anymore trash to the wordpress multimedia content
  • Now the order in the  groups works well,
  • new way to assign categories onto the write panels (for wordpress 3.0 compatibility)
  • now magic fields works well when the wp-config.php file is located outside (up one level) from the wordpress root directory
  • Little fixes in the  in the export write panel function
  • Now the button “add new” inside of the manage page into a write panel point into the correct place (before the reference of the write panel was lost)

[UPDATE] Someone reports a bug related with the images and how are resized with the new functions of magic fields, and Edgar just fix it, if do you has the same issue for fix it you just needs replace the function called  aux_image for this one  (the  function is in the file called  get-custom.php on the line 366)  and now all should be work smoothly.

The version 1.4.1  was released and fixed this issue. :)

And in another hand, someone  missed  phpthumb in magic fields for that  was added a little article in our wiki for  know how  restore phpthumb in this version of magic fields (for now the article is only in spanish, we hope to someone help us to translate the article to english)  the article is here

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110 responses to “Magic Fields 1.4 was released”

  1. Matt says:

    Anyone know how I get get only one thumb via magic fields? See my post on the google groups for code.

  2. Chris says:

    Is there an upgrade script from flutter 1.1 to MF version 1.4.1? Thanks

  3. Leland says:


    When you use custom post types with magic fields enabled it disables management of custom post types.

    Any time you publish a custom post type it is grouped into the default “posts” table. DO NOT USE WITH CUSTOM POST TYPES.

  4. Jepser says:

    MF isn’t working in WP 3 with the Network option enable… I’m getting this:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘Array’ was given in C:\server\dev\wp-includes\plugin.php on line 395

  5. Lee says:


    I’d like to reiterate Sebases’ question, if I upload images via Magic Fields, when I delete the page later, will the script remove the related images and thumbnails etc? or will they be left stranded on the server?



  6. Andy says:

    Hey Jepser I am getting the same…lots of problems with Magic Fields and PHPThumb in WordPress 3.0 and multi site Network option enabled

  7. hunk says:

    Hi Jepser and Andy I am going to check it (MF + WP Network)

  8. Andy says:

    Hey Hunk

    Any news on the broken images and MF + WP Network issues?

    Will it be fixed if I revert back to an older version of magic fields?

  9. Marc says:

    Hey! Where are the .po & .mo files located?