Magic Fields 1.4-beta was released

This Version come with a lot of new features, bugfixes and improvements, for that we want have a bigger time for make tests for be sure to this version come as free of bugs as possible

some of the new things to you are going to see be:

  • This version of Magic Fields was tested with the beta of wordpress 3.0 after to fix some issues this version will be works fine with the new version of wordpress (we don’t have time to implement the “post types” in this release but nexts releases we are sure to this will be a feature)
  • We remove Phpthumb we are convinced to phpthumbs make our lives more complicated instead of a more easier, Phpthumbs is a excellent tool but needs be configurated in function of who will use it and magic fields only needs a few functions of phpthumb. So we wrote a couple a functions for use the native functions of WordPress, with this change Magic Fields has 7,000 lines less of code
  • The phpthumbcache folder is now obsolete, now will be used a new folder called cache
  • Was added a new custom field type called Markdown Texto (thanks for who  made the code and who share it with us)
  • Prototype is officialy deprecated, :)  now Magic Fields only use jquery.
  • Was created shortcodes for display the content of the magic field in the  post (more info of this featured soon)
  • Magic Fields is ready for be translated in differents languages  now you will can found the mo and the po files in the languages folder.
  • Was cleaned the code and remove pretty muchs warnings messages when wp_debug is turned on
  • This bug is fixed.

If do you want help us to testing this new version you   can download here  Magic Fields 1.4-beta

Now the second Beta.

some of the new things to you are going to see be:

  • The Empty images be save correctly now.
  • add features for living stories plugin/theme
  • remove EIP
  • Fix delete image and remove add image in WP media
  • add function remove file after upload image
  • add option clear cache in magic fields menu
  • add option in field (multiline) for hide visual editor
  • Add front-end function get_clean only for multile field (this function not apply the filter “the content”), fix un phpthumb and fix for multiline field

If do you want help us to testing this new version you   can download here  Magic Fields 1.4-beta2

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78 responses to “Magic Fields 1.4-beta was released”

  1. Dave Redfern says:

    Hello Dave and Edgar,

    With the release of WordPress 3.0 on the horizon and the new post type features I feel that Magic fields should move from being a hack for the WordPress interface into integrating with the built in features of post type.

    I’d love to see magic fields functionality and features us the native WordPress 3.0 features. I have seen a few plugins starting to emerge but nothing with the functionality that magic fields offers such as image upload.

    I’d love to know some of your opinions. I understand this is a huge move and would probably deserve the version number 2.0.

    Thanks for all the work and effort you put in.

    Dave Redfern

  2. hunk says:

    The second beta is available now :)

  3. Hung Bui says:

    Hi Hunk,

    just wondering if you noticed this issue:

    I created a plugin and using pending_to_publish hook as below:

    add_action(‘pending_to_publish’, ‘notficationEmailEvenPublished’);

    in the function notficationEmailEvenPublished($post_ID){
    // Do some stuff
    $submitterEmail = get(‘submitter-email’,1,1,false,$post_ID);
    $submitterName = get(‘submitter-name’,1,1,false,$post_ID);

    this function caused the publish action in post edit page halt.. When i removed both lines:

    $submitterEmail = get(‘submitter-email’,1,1,false,$post_ID);
    $submitterName = get(‘submitter-name’,1,1,false,$post_ID);

    The publish button works as normal.. I guessed the method get() of magic fields could not use in this case?

    Do you have any suggestion for this pls? I need to know the submitter’s email and name based on the post id.

    Many thanks

  4. Hung Bui says:

    Thanks Hunk.. Actually, the get() method does work. The problem was raised by the post id was not passed correctly.

    it should be like this:

    function notficationEmailEvenPublished($post){
    // Do some stuff
    $submitterEmail = get(’submitter-email’,1,1,false,$post->ID);
    $submitterName = get(’submitter-name’,1,1,false,$post->ID);

  5. Dave Redfern says:


    It would be nice if the post thumbnail feature could be enabled and disabled through magic fields. Currently there is no support so if enabled in the theme it appears on all panels.



  6. Gnuget says:


    Can you explain a little more your request? i don’t fully understand what do you want.

  7. Sammy says:


    when i create a image field and trie to upload, i get a success message but no image thumb preview. On the frontpage i´m getting this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_load_image() in /…./wp/wp-content/plugins/Magic-Fields/MF_thumb.php on line 23

    I´m using wp 2.9.2

    Any solution for that or should i try an older version of wp?

  8. Sammy says:

    to call the image i use:

  9. Sammy says:

    echo get_image(‘something’)

  10. Dave Redfern says:

    Gnuget: In WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail was introduced ( It would be nice if enabled in the theme (because i prefer using post thumbnail over the magic fields image upload) there is the option to enable and disabled in each custom pane similar to what already exists for comment, tags, excerpt boxes.

    Hope this explains it a bit better.


  11. Hung Bui says:

    Hi Hunk,

    Just noticed a small issue with the export feature. Basically, when you export a group to pnl file, it created an empty line in it. This blank line lead to a problem that you cannot import it back to the system anymore.

    Hope that makes sense.

  12. sebase says:


    First of all my thanks for this nice plugin. Great work!

    I’m having a problem when using the get_image(‘something’) function in my custom template. It doesn’t get a source url, whereas get(‘something’) does get the proper url.

    This is the output in html:

    Any idea what might go wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. sebase says:

    The HTML output once again (without tags):

    img class=”kw_m_img colorbox-manual” src=”File “” doesn’t exist?”

  14. Gnuget says:

    Hi Sebase.

    We need a little more information for try to replicate your problem or see what is wrong. which mime type has your image?, what is the size of the image?, what is the measures of the image (width and height)?

  15. Gnuget says:


    or if can you give us the image would be very useful

  16. sebase says:

    Gnuget, thanks for the quick reply!

    I tried it with various jpeg images, ranging in size around the 100 to 500 KB and various maesures.

    Lucky enough I found out that the problem was not caused by the image but by including ‘src’ in the custom field of the image field options. Removing that tag solved the problem.

  17. cdub says:

    The post I submit using magic fields are showing without any formatting. (paragraph tags are missing).

    However when I submit the same content using the default post functionality in wordpress. The post shows perfectly with formatting and all.

    Is this a none issue?
    How can I fix it?

    Thanks for your help

  18. Andrew says:

    Just wanted to say your plugin is amazing, way better than flutter, thanks so much!

  19. AlOgle says:

    Uploading files are working however thumbnail of the uploaded image is not showing after uploading. Using 1.4 beta 2 upgraded from 1.3.

    Its not a big deal but it doesn’t look nice :)