Magic Fields 1.4-beta was released

This Version come with a lot of new features, bugfixes and improvements, for that we want have a bigger time for make tests for be sure to this version come as free of bugs as possible

some of the new things to you are going to see be:

  • This version of Magic Fields was tested with the beta of wordpress 3.0 after to fix some issues this version will be works fine with the new version of wordpress (we don’t have time to implement the “post types” in this release but nexts releases we are sure to this will be a feature)
  • We remove Phpthumb we are convinced to phpthumbs make our lives more complicated instead of a more easier, Phpthumbs is a excellent tool but needs be configurated in function of who will use it and magic fields only needs a few functions of phpthumb. So we wrote a couple a functions for use the native functions of WordPress, with this change Magic Fields has 7,000 lines less of code
  • The phpthumbcache folder is now obsolete, now will be used a new folder called cache
  • Was added a new custom field type called Markdown Texto (thanks for who  made the code and who share it with us)
  • Prototype is officialy deprecated, :)  now Magic Fields only use jquery.
  • Was created shortcodes for display the content of the magic field in the  post (more info of this featured soon)
  • Magic Fields is ready for be translated in differents languages  now you will can found the mo and the po files in the languages folder.
  • Was cleaned the code and remove pretty muchs warnings messages when wp_debug is turned on
  • This bug is fixed.

If do you want help us to testing this new version you   can download here  Magic Fields 1.4-beta

Now the second Beta.

some of the new things to you are going to see be:

  • The Empty images be save correctly now.
  • add features for living stories plugin/theme
  • remove EIP
  • Fix delete image and remove add image in WP media
  • add function remove file after upload image
  • add option clear cache in magic fields menu
  • add option in field (multiline) for hide visual editor
  • Add front-end function get_clean only for multile field (this function not apply the filter “the content”), fix un phpthumb and fix for multiline field

If do you want help us to testing this new version you   can download here  Magic Fields 1.4-beta2

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78 responses to “Magic Fields 1.4-beta was released”

  1. Eivind F S says:


    I would appreciate if the code that writes out the ‘What’s this’ tooltips were UTF-8, so that we can include multilanguage tooltips.


  2. Andrew says:

    I am having some issues with importing, I have transfered and re imported everything and am now getting the following error.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/dotsona/public_html/ on line 26

    (same error on every page) Not sure what could be causing this.

  3. Dave Redfern says:


    A small bug I found is with the stripped down phpthumb. It only allows lower case file types so JPG doesn’t preview. Just need to change line 55 of /thirdparty/phpthumb/phpThumb.php to:



  4. JS says:

    The one thing I would love to see on magic fields is a good resize/cropping tool for the image fields. This is what my clients struggle with the most

  5. Dave Redfern says:

    Hello again,

    Another small thing I’ve noticed is when uploading a file using the file field it uploads successfully but doesn’t update the ‘view current’ link until the post has been updated. Would be nice if it did this prior to saving the page.



  6. Martin says:

    Hi guys, one quick suggestion:

    Possibility to export a group of fields would be so great. I found my self mixing same groups with others across all write pannels. I know there’s Export for whole panel, but this feature could be ‘The Thing’ to boost up development. What do you think?

    Appreciate Your Work Guys.

  7. Albert says:

    This seems like the perfect plugin especially if the features on the Wish List can be implemented. Really looking for an alternative for the Pods plugin.

    When will the wish list features be implemented? The Custom Post Types feature will be fantastic. I’m willing to make a good donation for these features.

  8. ninjunk says:

    Really enjoying this plugin…

    How do I call duplicated Image fields? I tried the technique shown on your Wiki (after using Google to translate it – lol):

    $addImages = getFieldOrder(‘add_image’);
    foreach ($addImages as $addImages) {
    echo get(‘add_image’, 1, $addImages). “”;

    …but that will only return a URL list. How do I get the actual images?


  9. hunk says:

    Hi Albert, in 1.5 version, try to add as many new features

    Hi ninjunk. try with this.
    change get for get_image

  10. HeroicNate says:

    Hey guys. I love your plugin and I have some theme ideas I’d like to implement with it, but it’s not quite to the level of ability I’m looking for. I’d be willing to pay you to take what you’ve already made and update it to fit my ideas. Would you be interested in that? Contact me through email and we can discuss.

  11. Richard says:

    Hi, 1.4 beta 2 problem, if Hide Visual editor is checked, then if a multiline textbox is used the panel gets jammed when the css is applied in wordpress 2.9.2

  12. Atanas says:

    ok, if phpthumb was removed and a new function is added, what is the new function and how to work with it? I’ve looked around the site but could find anything..

  13. Gnuget says:

    in the previous versions of magic fields you never use directly phpthumb, phpthumb was used when you use functions like gen_images, and now in this new version you can continue using gen_images but instead of magicfields use phpthumb for generate the new images use the new functions for do it.

    If you are one of these people who use more functions of phpthumb and you needs this library for your site works, check this out: (use google translate if you don’t know spanish)

  14. […] de momento no soporta los tipos de contenido personalizados. Ahora bien, tal como se señala en el anuncio de publicación de la versión 1.4 beta, sus creadores tienen prevista esa mejora. La extensión no sólo destaca por su sobresaliente […]

  15. Kevin says:

    Hey guys

    Trying to set up a multisite network of blogs that all use magic fields. it looks like magic fields (installed in /wp-content/plugins) wants to use the same _mf_* tables in the database for each site in the network, meaning all my sites share the same write fields. Is this the correct behaviour, or am I seeing something unusual due to my porting process – and how can I fix it?

    Many thanks,


  16. Matt says:

    Getting this error when trying to duplicate a group:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in…

  17. mono says:

    can somebody please explain how to write a get-method for multiline-textfields – they are not shown to me with the standard-method. For example:

    thanks a lot