Magic Fields 1.4.5 Released

We wanted to our next release  be with custom post types support but   unfortunately the lack of time and a few bugs with the wp30 compatibility made us take the choose to  release another  version into the 1.4.x branch for fix these issues and  start to be focus in finish the post type feature for Magic Fields.


And  Thanks for all these people who help us to  have avalaible magic fields in many different languages :)  the list of languages can be found it here:

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84 responses to “Magic Fields 1.4.5 Released”

  1. Vasco Borges says:

    Thanks for your quick answer Gnuget.

    About the resizing, isn’t there a way of using the image_resize() function on MF_thumb.php to achieve this?!

    I’m thinking it should be used somewhere between the lines:
    $filename = time() . $filename;


    @move_uploaded_file( $_FILES[‘file’]…

    I just can figure out how!! Please help!

  2. Vasco Borges says:

    I figured it out!

    I was able to integrate a PHP class which handles the resizing and after that it only needed a little change right between the lines I said above (around line 75), like this:

    if ($acceptedExts == “image”){
    $_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’] = upload_resize($_FILES[‘file’][‘tmp_name’],640,480);

    and now if the image is above 640px in width or 480px in height it resizes it to that size.

    Let me know if you need more details and thanks for the help!

  3. Jepser says:

    Hunk o Gnuget miren soy de nuevo el que tenía el problema con MG y WP3 con multi sitios activado. Les dejo un screenshot de como me sale al agregar un nuevos custom panel…

  4. Stein says:

    Thanks for a grat plugin!

    I have some problems editing pages.

    It’s seems to be the same problem another user had:

    “Hi, when trying to assign a custom write panel to a page that was created earlier, instead of getting the page with all the options I get

    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”.

    I am logged in as admin with 100% permissions, what is the problem please?”

    Any fixes to this problem?

  5. Mike Goodstadt says:

    Hi great plugin! Two questions:
    – how does MF handle existing custom fields when installed?
    – what happens to MF fields on uninstall / export?
    Would love to see:
    – automatic write panel for existing fields
    – ability to move field order (or to other group)
    – generation of WP Gallery within ‘Image (Upload Media)’ type
    Many thanks, Mike

  6. Jason says:

    Why do uploaded files have numbers in front of them?

  7. Gnuget says:

    for avoid overwrite files in the case to two differents files have the same name

  8. Lee says:


    You could also ask…

    “Hi there

    Can I just ask, why do uploaded files have numbers before them?

    Great plugin by the way!



    Just a thought…. Politeness is free, much like the plugin.


  9. Jason says:

    Hi there Lee,
    Thanks for your thought, and my sincere apologies for upsetting you.

    Last time I wrote a similar post thanking sincerely for the plugin, exclaiming that it had made running my site so much easier, etc. etc. and then it got ignored. I figured this time if I was brash, I’d be able to not only get an answer, but also some talk-back :-)

    Further, it might be disingenuous to continually provide thanks for a plugin, particularly when prior issues remain unaddressed.

    Gnuget, thanks for the prompt response!

  10. Gnuget says:

    Do you think to change the name of the uploaded files is a prior issue? For me is not a issue at all, if you find a issue feel free to open a issue in the git hub repo

  11. Jason says:

    No Gnuget, that’s not the issue! The problem is that in WordPress, when I try to upload a file, WordPress’s interface goes all wacky. It won’t show the filepath — says error uploading (even though I can manually type to filepath). I mentioned that in a comment about two weeks back. Appreciate any help! Tried to figure out the git hub…didn’t manage to…can try again

  12. Lee says:

    Sorry Jason I probably came across a bit too harsh, I just don’t like to see so many negative posts on here.

    If the guys get pissed off and walk away no one is better off. There are bugs to deal with, I think MF needs a 1.4.6 to get all these patches together. Then lets move forward and really tidy things up.


  13. Gnuget says:


    Where you mentioned that? here is not the best place to report issues, actually the blog have hundreds of comments is imposible track all of them.

    If you found a issue please open a issue here:

    And add which browser are you using, and leave the steps for replicate your bug.


  14. Hi sorry to repeat but would really love to use this plugin on our new web but have to address the questions I mentioned above regarding the persistence of the fields, both those present before installation and the MF ones if the plugin needs re/uninstalling to move the site? I also mentioned a couple of items for your wishlist. Maybe I will put this on the tracker anyhow just to avoid them getting swamped by comments…
    Keep up the great work,

  15. Martin says:

    @Mike Goodstadt

    Magic fields still has more of the ‘magic’ than knowledge. Still, these fields have their own tables, where all the non native WordPress structure is beeing maintained. The values themselves are saved as general metadata. If you turn pluggin off, they pop up in the metabox you are used to. Those defined in MF tables are used to build up the MF metaboxes.

    I think, there would be no harm, if you try Magic fields even on running projects but it depends on current project and I don’t know if it’s also true for your project. But plugin would mess with your old meta data, only if you define variable names the same way as they are defined now. Otherwise they stay detached from MF. Also, you could hack your old fields into MF that way.

    You still have acces to the Meta Data metabox in post anyway unless you hide it which can be defined in the Write Pannel.

    If I were at your position, I would make a local copy of this site, run it localy on local server, import full database data, turn on MF, tried to do all the risky stuff and make sure everything works as I expect.

    Let me know how it goes.


  16. Webdesigner says:

    Is Magic Fields compatible with the multi language plugin WPML ?

    Best regards.

  17. Gnuget says:

    not yet, but i’m working in something to make MF compatible with WPML

  18. Sudirman says:

    I think this problem already exist since It was named Flutter.
    When A Page created using write panel’s “Add New” , It goes into “Pages” instead of the certain Write Panel.
    Yes, I see the custom-write-panel-id=X variable in the URL, but still the problem occurred.

    Any idea to fix the problem permanently?

  19. janr says:

    would be awsome if magic fields works with wpml. it’s actually the only “link” i’m missing in all the wordpress jungle. for sure I’ll make another donation if its out. thanks again for your great plugin guys!

  20. janr says:

    actually this sollution is working fine with wpml and magic fields. but still not perfect.