Magic Fields 1.3 was released

Magic Fields 1.3 is out, and come with a good number of new features and less bugs.

I’m going to speak a little about the new features.

New Features:

New type of Custom field called “Related Type”.

In Magic Fields 1.3 exists a new custom field type called “Related Type” with this type of field we can make relation between write panels. For example if we are working in our portfolio and we has a write panel called “clients” and a write panel called “services” we can now related some client with many posts “services”, this new field open a new field of ideas and possibilities.

Adding multimedia buttons to the multiline custom field.

Now is more easy add images and files in the multiline custom field, was added more buttons for doing this more easily.

Adding a new engine for make the validations.

this is the most exciting new feature of this release, was rewrote the “engine” for make validations in the custom fields, now Magic Fields use this jquery library for make the validations, with this in the next version will be add a new rules of validations for the custom fields!

Finish the support for the i18n.

Soon we will explain how translate Magic Fields to your language.

Removing obsolete Code.

One of the things to we personally enjoy is make Magic Fields more lighter, We continue removing and refactoring the code for make the footprint of Magic Fields more smaller. In this release was removed a repeated libraries of jquery.js and ui.jquery.js.

This project is made it in our free time and not has any company behind his development for that we are very grateful with the people to encourage us making donations for continue the development.

Thanks to:

  • Jens Wedin
  • Jan Ramroth
  • Eivind  Skjellum
  • Albert Ariza

And also we want say thanks to all the people to are helping us doing another kind of donations, like making patches for Magic Fields, reporting bugs and helping us giving support for others users and in general all who gave us any kind of feed back for this plugin.

And just for finish, you can found the documentation of Magic Fields here:
for now only in spanish, if you has a little free time help us translating the documentation from spanish to your language.

[UPDATE] Was reported a critical bug when is created a new page in a write panel,  we are going to release a new  tag with this fixed (version 1.3.1)  thanks for the report!
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86 responses to “Magic Fields 1.3 was released”

  1. hunk says:

    Hi Jamison what version of PHP run you site?

    if is 4.x.x try with this

  2. In case you’d like to see a fairly intensive use of your plugin I completed a site for a client that relied heavily on Magic Fields to make each element on the front page of the magazine a separate field on the admin side. Used it for the articles but not as heavily.

    Kermit Woodall

  3. Jairo Castillo says:

    I’ve created a write panel with a file field. When I try to create a new page using that panel I get an “authentication failed” message where the upload field should go. Any help appreciated.

  4. Gnuget says:

    Hi Jairo,

    Can you share with us a screenshot about your problem?

  5. hunk says:

    Hi Jairo, you user have permissions of edit post?

  6. Josh says:

    Hi – I’m using WordPress 3.0 and Magic Fields 1.4.1.

    I’m looking for a way to display shortened “teasers” of my posts – and am open to using either WordPress’ bulit-in Excerpt system, or the tag to achieve this.

    Basically, we are using Magic Fields to populate posts on a page with a long list of posts. First, I don’t see any option to create an excerpt when creating a post. Second, when I use the tag, though the split appears in the editor, it doesn’t show up on the post page.

    Any suggestions or alternate methods? The site is in private beta but I can share a link via a private message / email.

    Thanks for the great plugin!