Magic Fields 1.2 was released

Magic Fields logo

Magic Fields logo

Magic fields 1.2 is out and this is our first release with new features.

In this entry we will speak a little about to what is new in this version, we  hope to you enjoy  this new release :)

New Features.

Condense Menu mode.

In our first release a lot of people ask us for add the “condense” feature made by Doc4 ( and now this feature is part of the Magic Fields.


And we added a little improvement for this new mode, when the user  see the “edit” page while has the “condense menu”  mode active  will be appear a new column with the name of which write panel belongs the post.


New Functions for get data in the frontend.

One of the weak points of the last version was the performance. For get the values of a Duplicate group was neccesary did a bunch of calls of the “get” function. So in this new version was added new ways to get the data.

get_field_duplicate: When we has a duplicate field with many values now we can get the data in this way:

In this image we has a duplicate field with some values:


And in the theme we can get this values using this:
And we will get this result: list get_group: In a duplicate group with many fields like this: groups_duplicates And in the theme we can get this values using this:

And we will get this result:


gen_image: Now  is possible create new thumbs of our images dynamically   for example if we has a image custom field.


We can do something like this:


Using this code:

Add a new option for hide non-standart content in Post panel.

normally  in the edit page in the Post panel appears all the posts created with and without writepanels, with this option we can only display the posts created without write panels.

Tooltip feature.

Sometimes can be confused for the clients knows  for what is each custom field in the write panel now we can add a message and this will be appear as a tooltip in our custom field page.



We want say thanks.

In this last month many people help us to improve   Magic Fields and we want say thanks to them :)

  • Jeff Minard: Helped us adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • Michael Bayard: For the Magics Field Logo.
  • Carlos Mendoza: For the new help text feature.
  • Doc4: For the Condense Menu mode.
  • Sascha Schwartz:  Donation
  • Dan Armstrong: Donation

Giving Support to WordPress MU.

In this  release we wanted add support to WordPress MU unfortunately we can’t finish to test in deep the support for WordPress Mu, but we has a beta version, if you has time to help us, please download this package and test it :)

Any  bug to you found it let us know in the  support group.

You can download the beta version here: Magicfields-wpmu-beta

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29 responses to “Magic Fields 1.2 was released”

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  2. danielo says:

    WE (users) do say thanks!

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  4. Brandon says:

    Thanks so much for this plugin!

    I have question… when you are setting up a new ‘Write Panel’ for a ‘Page’ and there is an option for ‘Assigned Theme’ where you can choose a default template… would it be possible to also give the option to choose an assigned Parent Page here?

    That would be really helpful, or maybe there is a way to do this I’m not aware of. Thanks.

  5. leland says:

    whats coming up for the next release? Would it be possible to allow the admin box title that says “magic fields custom fields” on the write panel to be renamed to something useful so as not to confuse the publisher?

  6. Gnuget says:


    In the new release comming up with a alot of new features i think to the best way to know exactly what’s is new is looking the last commits in the github repository:

    About to change the name in the admin box for now is not possible but in the next release if you only create fields inside of groups (don’t leave any field without a group) the “magic fields custom fields” box don’t will be displayed in this way you can hide this box and only display your groups.

    if you can’t wait until the next version, check the details of this change here:

  7. Patrick says:

    hello, a question about the new get data function.

    what would I have to do to query duplicate boxes containing duplicate fields?

    I tried this but it does not but out he value of the duplicate fields correct:

    $fields = get_group(‘Veranstaltungsbox’);
    foreach($fields as $field){
    echo $field[‘datum’][1].” “.$field[‘veranstaltungsort’][1].” “;

    $fields2 = get_field_duplicate(‘sitzplatz’);

    foreach($fields2 as $field2) {
    echo $field2.””;

    Would really appreciate some help.

  8. hunk says:

    $fields = get_group(’Veranstaltungsbox’);
    foreach($fields as $field){
    echo $field[‘datum’][1].” “.$field[‘veranstaltungsort’][1].” “;

    foreach($field[‘sitzplatz’] as $field2) {
    echo $field2.””;

  9. Patrick says:

    Thank you for the quick response. Great help.

  10. Sebastiaan says:

    Hello graet plugin mij question is this:

    How can i duplicate this group?

    Hier kunt u het grote beeld plaatsen (698 pixels)

    Hier kunt u het kleine beeld uploaden (300 pixels)

    Plaats hier de tekst voor onder het plaatje

    Thx for the help

  11. Sebastiaan says:

    I think this is a better view:
    $fields = get_group(‘WerkOverzicht’);
    foreach($fields as $field){
    echo $field[‘BeeldGroot’][1].” —-> “.$field[‘BeeldKlein’][1].” —-> “.$field[‘TekstBeeld’][1].””;

    BeeldGroot and BeeldKlein are images what do i have to give for $field tag?

    Thx for the help

  12. hunk says:

    Hi Sebastian

    you can use some this:

    echo $field[‘BeeldGroot’][1][‘t’].” —-> “.$field[‘BeeldKlein’][1][‘t’].” —-> “.$field[‘TekstBeeld’][1].””;


    echo $field[‘BeeldGroot’][1][‘o’].” —-> “.$field[‘BeeldKlein’][1][‘o’].” —-> “.$field[‘TekstBeeld’][1].””;

    use pr($fields); o print_r($fields); for see the content of the array.

  13. Eivind F S says:

    I’m loving the plugin and now I have a feature request that would really take the plugin into a big league CMS tool: Let us define a field that displays options based on PHP code.

    Say I wanted a dropdown list in my write panel to display a set of different background images based on a an automated listing of the images available in my images folder. That would be an amazing addition to this plugin that would help people who use the plugin for CMS design a great deal.

    I would be willing to pay for this functionality.

  14. Eivind F S says:

    Just to emphasize, the point would be that I would be writing the code to fill the dropdown list myself – I don’t want this particular functionality (listing of images) as a field type.

  15. Sebastiaan says:

    Hi Hunk,

    Thx for the fast answer.

    When i use this code:
    echo $field[‘BeeldGroot’][1][‘t’].” —-> “.$field[‘BeeldKlein’][1][‘t’].” —-> “.$field[‘TekstBeeld’][1].””;

    i can see the image links of “BeeldGroot” and “BeeldKlein”. But is it possible to see them not as a link to the file but the real image?

    thx for the help

  16. Sebastiaan says:

    A other question.

    Is it possible to put a Css class around the 3 objects?
    And how can i do this?


  17. Paul says:


    I’ve created image field and tried to upload image and every time i got the message “Upload Unsuccessful!” (it doesn’t matter if I upload from disk or upload from web)

    thx for help…

  18. hunk says:

    Hi Sebastian.


    echo “

    echo ““;
    echo ““;
    echo $field[‘TekstBeeld’][1];
    echo “


    [‘t’] is for thumbnail (options of fields w,h,custom)
    [‘o’] is for original image .

  19. hunk says:

    Sebastiaan check the link for the code