Magic Fields 1.1 was released

In these release we continue focus in make Magic Fields more stable and lightweight.

Files like prototype,jquery and jquery.ui.core.js already exists in wordpress and was removed of the magic fields.

We started to take in account the performance in the frontend and was reduced the queries in a 30% when is called any custom field value. this is not enough but is a start.

Now the datepicker used in the date custom field is the jquery’s date picker, in this way we use the jquery, jquery-ui to already has wordpress and was removed ~700 lines of code with this change.

Was added a feature for the functions used in the frontend (get,get_image and get_audio) for we can used it outside of the loop.

Download  Magic fields 1.1

more detailed list of changes below.

Change Log:

  • Remove a bunch of obsolete files and Code
  • Fix bug #172 of flutter’s tracker ( thanks to Pixelate
  • Fix issue related with the Listbox field type
  • 30% less queries in the functions of front-end [get, get_image, get_audio]
  • Fix bug #185 of flutter’s tracker (
  • Fix bug #201 of flutter’s tracker (
  • Fix of some paths for works fine at windows server.
  • Adding a new function called gen_image ( more info about how use it, soon)
  • Removing all the short-tags of php.
  • Now is used the jquery ui datepicker for the Date custom field
  • Now you can use getimage, getaudio, and gen_image outside of the loop. ( more info soon )
  • Fix some issues related with the import/export of writepanels.
  • Fix the uninstall proccess.
  • Little fix in the Edit In Place editor.
  • Fix in Assing Custom Write panel.
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34 responses to “Magic Fields 1.1 was released”

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  2. Klark says:

    Does this work with WPMU?

  3. Jeff says:

    Any plans to move this source away from GITHUB? Perhaps over to the wordpress provided SVN system?

  4. Gnuget says:

    this should work fine with WPMU but is not fully tested, i can’t tell you if all will work without problem.

    In the next release we will spend time for finish to test it.

    No, we don’t have any plan of move the source code of github, we think the github give us more benefits than cons.

  5. Klark says:


  6. Xavi Ivars says:

    Is there any option of do “batch” assigning? Example: write all posts in category “Something” with “something-custom write panel”.

    If it had that, it would be great!

  7. Jens Wedin says:

    Nice to see a fork of the plugin which have some development. I have two questions

    1. Can I migrate a site that already is using Flutter to Magic Fields?
    2. Can I assign write panels to roles as it does in Flutter?

    Keep up the great work!


  8. Jens Wedin says:

    Hi again

    One more thing that you already might be thinking of.
    Please make it possible to assign already wirtten content to the panels. I found a manual way of doing this but it would be nice if you could make some kind of function for this


  9. Xavi Ivars says:

    Jens explained what I meant much better than me 😀

  10. hunk says:

    in the options of Magic fields (settings-> magic fields) enable the option Editing Prompt.

    this does that when editing post or page and not this relating to write panel shows a page asking if you wish to relate it to some write panel.

    see screencast

    jens about the you questions.

    1. david and me we have thought that we can make script to migrate of flutter

    2. we have not proven this option.


  11. hunk says:

    hi, Jens.

    about the roles and the Write panels this options works fine :)

  12. Jens Wedin says:

    @Hunk: Thanks for your reply, great news. If you get a script to convert I have site that rely heavily on flutter. If you want a betatester for the converting script, just let me know :)

  13. Xavi Ivars says:

    @Jens: If you have a look at this message [1], you’ll find the way I’ve found to migrate a home-made site using custom fields to a MagicFields one. Maybe you can do the same thing: export a flutter site, and change the flutter custom field (“_rc_cwp_write_panel_id”) to the MagicFields one (“_mf_write_panel_id”), and with this you would have all your posts ready to work with MagicFields.

    If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask 😉


  14. Jens Wedin says:

    @Xavi: This is great. I did the same thing getting an old non-flutter site into a flutter site. I will try this with my site as soon as get some time over.

  15. Jens Wedin says:

    Back again, I wonder if there anywhere I could ask for a feature? It would be nice to access the “magic fields” outside the lopp. If there is a place for wishes, please let me know :)

  16. Nasko says:

    @hulk said:
    hi, Jens.
    about the roles and the Write panels this options works fine :)

    @hulk, it’s not working right.. I.e. if you have 2 custom panels and assign only one to be visible for the Contributors via the Role Manager Plugin, both are visible, so that’s not working. One more thing – if you disable a custom panel for the administrator – it won’t show up again and it’s not manageable vie the Role Manager anymore

  17. hunk says:

    hi Nasko

    if you have activated the option of Assign to Role in the options of magic fields (settings-> magic fields)?

  18. monbouc says:

    Weird behaviour here (WP 2.8.4) : once I created a post from my new Magic Field menu, the “new” menu item of this MG menu (plus the “new” menu item from the WP Articles menu !!!) disappeared. Only appears “edit” in the MG menu ; no more “new” or “edit” items in the WP Articles menu…