Magic Fields 1.0 was released

We are working on this first release very hard the last weeks and I’m very glad to write this first post and explain what exactly is magic fields and how can help you for do your life more easy.

Magic Fields born as a fork of flutter and is a WordPress CMS plugin, focuses in simplifies content management for the admin creating custom write panels also with Magic Fields you will be able to create (in a very easy way) custom fields for your write panels.

If you are interesting in Magic Fields you can download our first release in the wordpress plugin’s page.

And if you are interesting in help us or you are interesting in follow the development you can do it in the github repository or in twitter

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8 responses to “Magic Fields 1.0 was released”

  1. Gerasimos says:

    it’s seems like flutter. what’s the deal?

  2. Gnuget says:

    Hi Gerasimos.

    Well we create Magic fields for two things:

    Flutter no has any update in the last two months, we thought to this plugin will no be mantained any more.

    We also thought to Flutter need a clean of his code and fix a bunch of issues.

    In this first release for the user is almost the same flutter but if you compare the core in our first version of magic fields we rewrite a lot of things and remove many obsolete files

    Here a little comparision between the lines of code of flutter and Magic fields

    With magic fields we removed 74 obsolete files.

    And was removed 14.5 thousand lines of obsolete code.

    In our nexts release we will continue cleaning the code of Magic Fields, and we will start to add new features.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. shawn says:

    I am using wpmu 2.8.4a, does magicfields work with mu?

  4. Gnuget says:

    magic fields is not fully tested in wpmu, i can’t recommend it for now.


  5. Fabio Assis says:

    Is it possible to migrate my data from Flutter to Magic Fields? Is there some kind of import script?

  6. Gnuget says:

    Fabio Assis,

    Edgar and me spoke about this, and we think is a good idea work in a way to migrate from flutter to MagicFields.

    more info soon, stay tuned

  7. I tried PodsCMS but unfortunately it doesn’t like to WordPress comments and other post-related features. Then I tried Flutter but it had bugs. Magic Fields seems to be the answer! *PLEASE CONTINUE DEVELOPING IT* Can I make a donation towards the development?

  8. Gnuget says:

    Hi Kulpreet,

    We released a new version a few hours ago. if you are interested in make a donation the link for do it, be in the github page ( or in the wordpress plugin page. (

    or if you prefer we need a little work around here, we need a new template for this page, a logo, or help in the development.

    any form of help, thanks