Magic Fields 1.1 was released

In these release we continue focus in make Magic Fields more stable and lightweight.

Files like prototype,jquery and jquery.ui.core.js already exists in wordpress and was removed of the magic fields.

We started to take in account the performance in the frontend and was reduced the queries in a 30% when is called any custom field value. this is not enough but is a start.

Now the datepicker used in the date custom field is the jquery’s date picker, in this way we use the jquery, jquery-ui to already has wordpress and was removed ~700 lines of code with this change.

Was added a feature for the functions used in the frontend (get,get_image and get_audio) for we can used it outside of the loop.

Download  Magic fields 1.1

more detailed list of changes below.

Change Log:

  • Remove a bunch of obsolete files and Code
  • Fix bug #172 of flutter’s tracker ( thanks to Pixelate
  • Fix issue related with the Listbox field type
  • 30% less queries in the functions of front-end [get, get_image, get_audio]
  • Fix bug #185 of flutter’s tracker (
  • Fix bug #201 of flutter’s tracker (
  • Fix of some paths for works fine at windows server.
  • Adding a new function called gen_image ( more info about how use it, soon)
  • Removing all the short-tags of php.
  • Now is used the jquery ui datepicker for the Date custom field
  • Now you can use getimage, getaudio, and gen_image outside of the loop. ( more info soon )
  • Fix some issues related with the import/export of writepanels.
  • Fix the uninstall proccess.
  • Little fix in the Edit In Place editor.
  • Fix in Assing Custom Write panel.

Magic Fields 1.0 was released

We are working on this first release very hard the last weeks and I’m very glad to write this first post and explain what exactly is magic fields and how can help you for do your life more easy.

Magic Fields born as a fork of flutter and is a WordPress CMS plugin, focuses in simplifies content management for the admin creating custom write panels also with Magic Fields you will be able to create (in a very easy way) custom fields for your write panels.

If you are interesting in Magic Fields you can download our first release in the wordpress plugin’s page.

And if you are interesting in help us or you are interesting in follow the development you can do it in the github repository or in twitter