Magic Fields 2.1 Released with compatibility for WordPress 3.5

Has been a year since our last release, and a lot of things happened since then, a lot of fixes and new features was added.

The development was slow but never was stopped thanks to some developers who helped us to fix a lot of bugs.

This release add compatiblity with WordPress 3.5 and has many corrections.

This new version is also an announcement : we come back to work actively on this plugin.

You can follow the development at the github repository.

And get support at the google groups. 



New Features:

– Compatible with WordPress 3.5

– Now is possible choice a page template per post (when the “page attribute” is checked in the post type configuration)

– Post type unique, now is possible create post types with only one post, (useful for create static pages)

 – adding “set_front” option at the Post type configuration page

– New field term type.

Some fixes:

– Issue #158. WordPress new media upload conflict.

– Issue #139. Decimal numbers at the “slider” field

– Update the Datepicker Plugin

– Issue #118 File name not visible (field type file) thx to gabor udvari for the fix

And there is a lot more fixes.


Thanks to those developers who worked in fix bugs in this version.

Download Magic Fields 2.1

MF 1.6 with foxes for WP 3.5 here

Magic Fields 2.0 released

We are very excited with MF2 because we started from scratch, with this we just drop out all the old code of the plugin and in the same time we take advantage of the new features of wordpress.

MF2 is pretty much more clean and small than mf1 and in consecuence less susceptible to bugs.

Part or the things to you will found with this release is:

Administration UI revamped: The administration pages have a new look and feel

Native Post types: No more write panels! now mf2 use a real post types.

Custom Taxonomies: Was added a new UI for add custom taxonomies.

Add Custom Fields into the default post types: now you can add custom fields into the default post types of wordpress (Post and Pages)

But all can’t be good news, in function to use the new features of wordpress this plugin required at least wordpress 3.1 or newer and MF2 for the moment is not backward compatible with MF1.

So please not try to upgrade from mf1 unless to you know what are you doing.

Magic Fields 1 will continue alive

in the way to try to do magic fields the most simple and integrated with WP we let out a few features from MF1 and seems to some people use one or more of this features in mf1 so in the meanwhile to we re-added this features in MF2 we will continue giving support to MF1 and fixing any compatibility bug with the new versions of wordpress

if you will start a new project, please first check if MF2 fulfill your needs if not feel free to continue use mf1.

And if do you like this new version you can thank us with a donation.

Download the new version here:

Magic Fields 1.5.6 Released

We were notified yesterday about a security bug in Magic Fields and as a consequence had to temporarily remove the plug-in from while it was fixed.


The bug has been fixed and is available online; due to the nature of the bug it is VERY important you ALL update your Magic Fields version as soon as possible.

Magic Fields 1.5.6

Magic Fields 1.5 Released!

After to  a month of testing we are proud of  launch magic fields V 1.5.

The most big feature on this release is without doubt the new UI, Thanks to  for this, but this is not the unique improvement  on this new release, Magic Fields 1.5 have a  plenty of new features and a few bugfixes if do you want to know which other improvements have this version you can check the change log of this release here:
We are pleased to annouce that after a month of testing we are ready to release Magic Fields v1.5!

This release has a fully reworked and new user interface designed by Travis Hensgen, also there are many new features and bug fixes, please read the changelog to see what new features are available and what bugs have been squashed!

Magic Fields 1.4.5 Released

We wanted to our next release  be with custom post types support but   unfortunately the lack of time and a few bugs with the wp30 compatibility made us take the choose to  release another  version into the 1.4.x branch for fix these issues and  start to be focus in finish the post type feature for Magic Fields.


And  Thanks for all these people who help us to  have avalaible magic fields in many different languages :)  the list of languages can be found it here:

Magic Fields 1.4 was released

A long time has passed  from our last release and this new release come with a lot of new stuff for the plugin.  check below the list of new things for this version of Magic Fields:
  • Magic Fields works fine with  the next release of WordPress (v3.0)
  • removed phpthumb, and was added a specific functions for make the same things to phpthumb would  do, this means to magic fields is now 7000 lines more lightweight
  • added a new type of field (markdown text field)
  • Prototype framework is not used anymore, now magic fields only use  jquery
  • Implemented new shortcodes for use the content of the magic fields inside of a post
  • Magic Fields now is avalaible in spanish and was added the .po and .mo files for translate MF in more languages.
  • integrated the changes made by the “living stories” team  for magic fields works well with  “living stories project
  • added a new option for delete the cache of the images  (for avoid overweight in the cache folder)
  • added a new function called get_clean this function doesn’t apply any filter of “the content” onto  the multiline field.
  • removed Edit in place feature,  this feature cause more troubles than benefits
  • Adding a new boton “html” in the multiline custom field.
  • new engine for remove  the physical files when a file is removed in a write panel
And These bugs was fixed:
  • magic fields don’t send anymore trash to the wordpress multimedia content
  • Now the order in the  groups works well,
  • new way to assign categories onto the write panels (for wordpress 3.0 compatibility)
  • now magic fields works well when the wp-config.php file is located outside (up one level) from the wordpress root directory
  • Little fixes in the  in the export write panel function
  • Now the button “add new” inside of the manage page into a write panel point into the correct place (before the reference of the write panel was lost)

[UPDATE] Someone reports a bug related with the images and how are resized with the new functions of magic fields, and Edgar just fix it, if do you has the same issue for fix it you just needs replace the function called  aux_image for this one  (the  function is in the file called  get-custom.php on the line 366)  and now all should be work smoothly.

The version 1.4.1  was released and fixed this issue. :)

And in another hand, someone  missed  phpthumb in magic fields for that  was added a little article in our wiki for  know how  restore phpthumb in this version of magic fields (for now the article is only in spanish, we hope to someone help us to translate the article to english)  the article is here

Magic Fields 1.4-beta was released

This Version come with a lot of new features, bugfixes and improvements, for that we want have a bigger time for make tests for be sure to this version come as free of bugs as possible

some of the new things to you are going to see be:

  • This version of Magic Fields was tested with the beta of wordpress 3.0 after to fix some issues this version will be works fine with the new version of wordpress (we don’t have time to implement the “post types” in this release but nexts releases we are sure to this will be a feature)
  • We remove Phpthumb we are convinced to phpthumbs make our lives more complicated instead of a more easier, Phpthumbs is a excellent tool but needs be configurated in function of who will use it and magic fields only needs a few functions of phpthumb. So we wrote a couple a functions for use the native functions of WordPress, with this change Magic Fields has 7,000 lines less of code
  • The phpthumbcache folder is now obsolete, now will be used a new folder called cache
  • Was added a new custom field type called Markdown Texto (thanks for who  made the code and who share it with us)
  • Prototype is officialy deprecated, :)  now Magic Fields only use jquery.
  • Was created shortcodes for display the content of the magic field in the  post (more info of this featured soon)
  • Magic Fields is ready for be translated in differents languages  now you will can found the mo and the po files in the languages folder.
  • Was cleaned the code and remove pretty muchs warnings messages when wp_debug is turned on
  • This bug is fixed.

If do you want help us to testing this new version you   can download here  Magic Fields 1.4-beta

Now the second Beta.

some of the new things to you are going to see be:

  • The Empty images be save correctly now.
  • add features for living stories plugin/theme
  • remove EIP
  • Fix delete image and remove add image in WP media
  • add function remove file after upload image
  • add option clear cache in magic fields menu
  • add option in field (multiline) for hide visual editor
  • Add front-end function get_clean only for multile field (this function not apply the filter “the content”), fix un phpthumb and fix for multiline field

If do you want help us to testing this new version you   can download here  Magic Fields 1.4-beta2

Magic Fields 1.3 was released

Magic Fields 1.3 is out, and come with a good number of new features and less bugs.

I’m going to speak a little about the new features.

New Features:

New type of Custom field called “Related Type”.

In Magic Fields 1.3 exists a new custom field type called “Related Type” with this type of field we can make relation between write panels. For example if we are working in our portfolio and we has a write panel called “clients” and a write panel called “services” we can now related some client with many posts “services”, this new field open a new field of ideas and possibilities.

Adding multimedia buttons to the multiline custom field.

Now is more easy add images and files in the multiline custom field, was added more buttons for doing this more easily.

Adding a new engine for make the validations.

this is the most exciting new feature of this release, was rewrote the “engine” for make validations in the custom fields, now Magic Fields use this jquery library for make the validations, with this in the next version will be add a new rules of validations for the custom fields!

Finish the support for the i18n.

Soon we will explain how translate Magic Fields to your language.

Removing obsolete Code.

One of the things to we personally enjoy is make Magic Fields more lighter, We continue removing and refactoring the code for make the footprint of Magic Fields more smaller. In this release was removed a repeated libraries of jquery.js and ui.jquery.js.

This project is made it in our free time and not has any company behind his development for that we are very grateful with the people to encourage us making donations for continue the development.

Thanks to:

  • Jens Wedin
  • Jan Ramroth
  • Eivind  Skjellum
  • Albert Ariza

And also we want say thanks to all the people to are helping us doing another kind of donations, like making patches for Magic Fields, reporting bugs and helping us giving support for others users and in general all who gave us any kind of feed back for this plugin.

And just for finish, you can found the documentation of Magic Fields here:
for now only in spanish, if you has a little free time help us translating the documentation from spanish to your language.

[UPDATE] Was reported a critical bug when is created a new page in a write panel,  we are going to release a new  tag with this fixed (version 1.3.1)  thanks for the report!

Magic Fields 1.3-beta was released

In the last release we had a very short time for make testing and this was our own fault.

As results of this we had to create a new quickly release (the version 1.2.1) with a critical fix and after of this we found another serious bug. For that now will be separate for more time each release for has a enough time for make testing.

So thinking on this now we will release the version 1.3-beta. if you want to help us to testing this release you can download it here and if you found a bug or issue feel free to leave a comment or open a message in the support group. indicating in the title of the message to this is a bug related with the 1.3-beta version

New features to maybe you want to know for test this beta:

  • New field type: Related Type (thanks to Wouter de Winter for this)
  • Adding a new engine for make the validations be use   this plugin with this in future releases will be added a new rules of validations (for now only can be used the “required – not can be empty” rule)
  • Fix in the Image  custom field
  • Now when a group no has custom fields this group is not appear  in the  post/page  (with this “magic fields custom fields” group can be hide)
  • bug fixed when a metabox is dragged and dropped and this metabox has a multiline custom field (before when the box was dragged the content of the multiline field disappear)
  • removing more obsolete code
  • added a little dropdown in the date custom field for choice the year in the calendar
  • added option for the user can  choice the “parent page”   when  a write panel type page is created
  • Adding media buttons in the custom field  multiline  for upload images and filess

Magic Fields 1.2 was released

Magic Fields logo

Magic Fields logo

Magic fields 1.2 is out and this is our first release with new features.

In this entry we will speak a little about to what is new in this version, we  hope to you enjoy  this new release :)

New Features.

Condense Menu mode.

In our first release a lot of people ask us for add the “condense” feature made by Doc4 ( and now this feature is part of the Magic Fields.


And we added a little improvement for this new mode, when the user  see the “edit” page while has the “condense menu”  mode active  will be appear a new column with the name of which write panel belongs the post.


New Functions for get data in the frontend.

One of the weak points of the last version was the performance. For get the values of a Duplicate group was neccesary did a bunch of calls of the “get” function. So in this new version was added new ways to get the data.

get_field_duplicate: When we has a duplicate field with many values now we can get the data in this way:

In this image we has a duplicate field with some values:


And in the theme we can get this values using this:
And we will get this result: list get_group: In a duplicate group with many fields like this: groups_duplicates And in the theme we can get this values using this:

And we will get this result:


gen_image: Now  is possible create new thumbs of our images dynamically   for example if we has a image custom field.


We can do something like this:


Using this code:

Add a new option for hide non-standart content in Post panel.

normally  in the edit page in the Post panel appears all the posts created with and without writepanels, with this option we can only display the posts created without write panels.

Tooltip feature.

Sometimes can be confused for the clients knows  for what is each custom field in the write panel now we can add a message and this will be appear as a tooltip in our custom field page.



We want say thanks.

In this last month many people help us to improve   Magic Fields and we want say thanks to them :)

  • Jeff Minard: Helped us adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • Michael Bayard: For the Magics Field Logo.
  • Carlos Mendoza: For the new help text feature.
  • Doc4: For the Condense Menu mode.
  • Sascha Schwartz:  Donation
  • Dan Armstrong: Donation

Giving Support to WordPress MU.

In this  release we wanted add support to WordPress MU unfortunately we can’t finish to test in deep the support for WordPress Mu, but we has a beta version, if you has time to help us, please download this package and test it :)

Any  bug to you found it let us know in the  support group.

You can download the beta version here: Magicfields-wpmu-beta