Magic Fields 2.1 Released with compatibility for WordPress 3.5

Has been a year since our last release, and a lot of things happened since then, a lot of fixes and new features was added.

The development was slow but never was stopped thanks to some developers who helped us to fix a lot of bugs.

This release add compatiblity with WordPress 3.5 and has many corrections.

This new version is also an announcement : we come back to work actively on this plugin.

You can follow the development at the github repository.

And get support at the google groups. 



New Features:

– Compatible with WordPress 3.5

– Now is possible choice a page template per post (when the “page attribute” is checked in the post type configuration)

– Post type unique, now is possible create post types with only one post, (useful for create static pages)

 – adding “set_front” option at the Post type configuration page

– New field term type.

Some fixes:

– Issue #158. WordPress new media upload conflict.

– Issue #139. Decimal numbers at the “slider” field

– Update the Datepicker Plugin

– Issue #118 File name not visible (field type file) thx to gabor udvari for the fix

And there is a lot more fixes.


Thanks to those developers who worked in fix bugs in this version.

Download Magic Fields 2.1

MF 1.6 with foxes for WP 3.5 here

Magic Fields 1.5 Released!

After to  a month of testing we are proud of  launch magic fields V 1.5.

The most big feature on this release is without doubt the new UI, Thanks to  for this, but this is not the unique improvement  on this new release, Magic Fields 1.5 have a  plenty of new features and a few bugfixes if do you want to know which other improvements have this version you can check the change log of this release here:
We are pleased to annouce that after a month of testing we are ready to release Magic Fields v1.5!

This release has a fully reworked and new user interface designed by Travis Hensgen, also there are many new features and bug fixes, please read the changelog to see what new features are available and what bugs have been squashed!

Magic Fields 1.5 Release Candidate

A few weeks ago we released a beta version of the new Magic fields 1.5,  well, we give to this release a big space for be testing because this new version come with a lot of changes and improvements.

Now if all is works fine in  the next few days  we are going to release this version as stable.

Here the changelog:


  • Related Field Types: Extra selections are now available ‘All Posts AND Pages’ and ‘All Posts AND Pages with Write Panel’.
  • Added extra CSS class to Write Panel main menus, based on the sanitized write panel name. E.g. the Menu item for panel named ‘Home Page’ will get the
  • extra class ‘mf-menu-home-page’. Ths allows alternative menu images to be attached to the write panel. Currently this is only possible by having
  • an admin CSS file added through a WordPress ‘admin_head’ filter function in your functions.php, e.g.:
function my_admin_css() {

echo '';


if (is_admin()) {
add_filter('admin_head', 'my_admin_css');

This feature will be improved in a future version, support for custom post types is avaliable

  • New Hat and Wand Icon for the Magic Fields left menu item
  • Added caching feature to support mostly used functions like get() and get_group();
  • Count down feature for inputs and textareas showing characters left in twitter style.
  • Now displaying Categories in hierarchy in the Write Pannel.
  • Issue 34 fixed
  • Issue 53 Fixed
  • Issue 50 Fixed
  • New way to sort the order of the fields in the write panel

New Template API Functions

  • gen_image_for: Gets a generated image for a field value that’s already known, as is the case for values from the “get_group” function.
  • get_group_with_options: a function that allows certain options to be passed in to make front end code a bit cleaner. Refer to code comments for more details.
  • get_group_with_prefix, get_flat_group, get_flat_group_with_prefix: alias preset convenience functions for get_group_with_options.

View Write Panel:

  • Renamed ‘Name’ Header to ‘Label’ in the field list
  • Added ‘Name (order)’ column to the grid, which displays the code-friendly name of the field followed by the field order number in brackets

Write Panels Listing:

  • Added (Order) number display to the Write Panel Listing

Add / Edit Field:

  • Group name is now displayed in the header (if a parent group exists)
  • When CREATING a field, Magic Fields now suggests an appropriate name for the field after the label is entered or changes. This is based on removing all special characters, converting to lowercase, and converting spaces to underscores. Also, if the field is part of a group, the (singularized) group name is appended to the beginning, which ensures it is unique across the set of fields. For example, if we have a group named “Image Assets” and label a new field “File”, Magic Fields will suggest the field name should be “image_asset_file”.
  • When CHANGING a field, magic fields can suggest a field name based on the rules above by clicking the “suggest” button.
  • The label and field name have been flipped around to support the suggestion features listed above. (i.e. you now fill in the label FIRST) This is now also consistent with the list view.

Edit Page/Post:

  • Major overhaul to the Magic Fields UI with a collapsible panel interface for magic field groups.
  • Tidied up the user interface for (expanded) magic fields groups, which now includes nicer bevels for field groups, better spacing, and nicer icons from the Fugue collection by Yusuke Kamiyamane ( )
  • The terminology for “Duplicating” magic fields groups has been changed to “Add Another [Item]”, or “Remove [Item]”.
  • Enhanced the toolbar at the bottom of groups, with a better numerical indicator, and a “grip handle” to indicate the movable section.
  • “Add Another [Item]” link is always moved to the bottom group as groups are added or removed
  • MAJOR FEATURE: Collapsible fields feature, where magic fields groups are collapsed down into a compact read-only group summary. Clicking group summaries will expand the group for editing. By default, any field groups and data that already exist will be loaded as a summary, meaning that pages and posts edit screens are generally MUCH shorter than before. This also makes it far easier to re-order items within each group, since the group summaries are always only about 150 pixels high.
  • Group summaries make use of the jScrollPane plug-in from Kevin Luck ( ) to provide a much neater horizontal scrollbar for long group summaries. These are much smaller and tidier than the native OS widgets.
  • MAJOR FEATURE: A new “Magic Fields” attributes panel is now available that allows you to change the write panel for a given page/post.
  • MAJOR FEATURE: Added an alternative AJAX file uploader that supports drag and drop, adds an ajax progress spinner, and provides a more consistent file upload UI across all browsers based on Valum’s AJAX uploader ( ). This uploader also improves performance DRAMATICALLY for large numbers of fields, since it does not use an iframe for every file-based field.
  • AJAX Uploader no longer adds a timestamp prefix to uploaded files, instead saving the file to the server as a lowercase sanitized version of the original file name.
  • Enhanced the layout of file upload controls, audio controls, image controls for the new uploader.
  • TinyMCE initilisation has been deferred until the user expands a group summary, to improve load performance.
  • Enhanced the form validation routines to be more robust, and work correctly with the group summaries. Any fields with errors will have their group summary expanded automatically so that the user can see the errors. Also added a little warning box inside the “Publish” panel when there are validation errors so that it’s easier to see that fields are missing (since they might be scrolled out of view at the bottom).
  • Added a save warning for when any field is changed within a magic fields
  • group, which reminds the user that they must publish or update before changes will be saved.
  • Added a much improved color picker by Stefan Petre ( ) which uses a Photoshop-style color picker allowing you to select many more colors than before. This has been slightly customised to work better in the context of magic fields.
  • Added a “loading data” spinner for the initial load of a group summary.

You can test this Release candidate here:

Download Magic Fields 1.5-RC

A TON of thanks to Traversal without him this  release  couldn’t be possible

Magic Fields 1.4 was released

A long time has passed  from our last release and this new release come with a lot of new stuff for the plugin.  check below the list of new things for this version of Magic Fields:
  • Magic Fields works fine with  the next release of WordPress (v3.0)
  • removed phpthumb, and was added a specific functions for make the same things to phpthumb would  do, this means to magic fields is now 7000 lines more lightweight
  • added a new type of field (markdown text field)
  • Prototype framework is not used anymore, now magic fields only use  jquery
  • Implemented new shortcodes for use the content of the magic fields inside of a post
  • Magic Fields now is avalaible in spanish and was added the .po and .mo files for translate MF in more languages.
  • integrated the changes made by the “living stories” team  for magic fields works well with  “living stories project
  • added a new option for delete the cache of the images  (for avoid overweight in the cache folder)
  • added a new function called get_clean this function doesn’t apply any filter of “the content” onto  the multiline field.
  • removed Edit in place feature,  this feature cause more troubles than benefits
  • Adding a new boton “html” in the multiline custom field.
  • new engine for remove  the physical files when a file is removed in a write panel
And These bugs was fixed:
  • magic fields don’t send anymore trash to the wordpress multimedia content
  • Now the order in the  groups works well,
  • new way to assign categories onto the write panels (for wordpress 3.0 compatibility)
  • now magic fields works well when the wp-config.php file is located outside (up one level) from the wordpress root directory
  • Little fixes in the  in the export write panel function
  • Now the button “add new” inside of the manage page into a write panel point into the correct place (before the reference of the write panel was lost)

[UPDATE] Someone reports a bug related with the images and how are resized with the new functions of magic fields, and Edgar just fix it, if do you has the same issue for fix it you just needs replace the function called  aux_image for this one  (the  function is in the file called  get-custom.php on the line 366)  and now all should be work smoothly.

The version 1.4.1  was released and fixed this issue. :)

And in another hand, someone  missed  phpthumb in magic fields for that  was added a little article in our wiki for  know how  restore phpthumb in this version of magic fields (for now the article is only in spanish, we hope to someone help us to translate the article to english)  the article is here

Magic Fields 1.2 was released

Magic Fields logo

Magic Fields logo

Magic fields 1.2 is out and this is our first release with new features.

In this entry we will speak a little about to what is new in this version, we  hope to you enjoy  this new release :)

New Features.

Condense Menu mode.

In our first release a lot of people ask us for add the “condense” feature made by Doc4 ( and now this feature is part of the Magic Fields.


And we added a little improvement for this new mode, when the user  see the “edit” page while has the “condense menu”  mode active  will be appear a new column with the name of which write panel belongs the post.


New Functions for get data in the frontend.

One of the weak points of the last version was the performance. For get the values of a Duplicate group was neccesary did a bunch of calls of the “get” function. So in this new version was added new ways to get the data.

get_field_duplicate: When we has a duplicate field with many values now we can get the data in this way:

In this image we has a duplicate field with some values:


And in the theme we can get this values using this:
And we will get this result: list get_group: In a duplicate group with many fields like this: groups_duplicates And in the theme we can get this values using this:

And we will get this result:


gen_image: Now  is possible create new thumbs of our images dynamically   for example if we has a image custom field.


We can do something like this:


Using this code:

Add a new option for hide non-standart content in Post panel.

normally  in the edit page in the Post panel appears all the posts created with and without writepanels, with this option we can only display the posts created without write panels.

Tooltip feature.

Sometimes can be confused for the clients knows  for what is each custom field in the write panel now we can add a message and this will be appear as a tooltip in our custom field page.



We want say thanks.

In this last month many people help us to improve   Magic Fields and we want say thanks to them :)

  • Jeff Minard: Helped us adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • Michael Bayard: For the Magics Field Logo.
  • Carlos Mendoza: For the new help text feature.
  • Doc4: For the Condense Menu mode.
  • Sascha Schwartz:  Donation
  • Dan Armstrong: Donation

Giving Support to WordPress MU.

In this  release we wanted add support to WordPress MU unfortunately we can’t finish to test in deep the support for WordPress Mu, but we has a beta version, if you has time to help us, please download this package and test it :)

Any  bug to you found it let us know in the  support group.

You can download the beta version here: Magicfields-wpmu-beta

Magic Fields 1.1 was released

In these release we continue focus in make Magic Fields more stable and lightweight.

Files like prototype,jquery and jquery.ui.core.js already exists in wordpress and was removed of the magic fields.

We started to take in account the performance in the frontend and was reduced the queries in a 30% when is called any custom field value. this is not enough but is a start.

Now the datepicker used in the date custom field is the jquery’s date picker, in this way we use the jquery, jquery-ui to already has wordpress and was removed ~700 lines of code with this change.

Was added a feature for the functions used in the frontend (get,get_image and get_audio) for we can used it outside of the loop.

Download  Magic fields 1.1

more detailed list of changes below.

Change Log:

  • Remove a bunch of obsolete files and Code
  • Fix bug #172 of flutter’s tracker ( thanks to Pixelate
  • Fix issue related with the Listbox field type
  • 30% less queries in the functions of front-end [get, get_image, get_audio]
  • Fix bug #185 of flutter’s tracker (
  • Fix bug #201 of flutter’s tracker (
  • Fix of some paths for works fine at windows server.
  • Adding a new function called gen_image ( more info about how use it, soon)
  • Removing all the short-tags of php.
  • Now is used the jquery ui datepicker for the Date custom field
  • Now you can use getimage, getaudio, and gen_image outside of the loop. ( more info soon )
  • Fix some issues related with the import/export of writepanels.
  • Fix the uninstall proccess.
  • Little fix in the Edit In Place editor.
  • Fix in Assing Custom Write panel.