Some people have asked us about why we created Magic Fields, and in this section we want to explain our reasons why we have spent our free time on this project.

The main reason to create Magic Fields was that we disagree with of the path of development that has the original project (if you don’t know the original project, take a look here). And one of the best features of the GPL license is that if you do not agree with something you can do a fork and continue your own path of development.

Another great thing of the GPL’s world is that anyone can decide what he want to use, so following this spirit we have the code available. if someone else want to follow and support our road he will be free to do it.

This plugin does not want to compete with any other, we don’t want to be “better” or “faster” or “lighter” just to prove that we are any better than other projects, we just want to do things as we think is the best approach and following this thought we are sure that in a near future Magic Fields will have his own identity, his own community and will be a tool that anyone can use for his own purpose.

And since we believe in the wisdom of the crowd, we welcome your suggestions and feedback for this plugin.

Actually many of the features, fixes and ideas came from users who want to help us improve the plugin. We say thanks of all of you for your help to make this plugin more useful for all.

Kind Regards Magic Field’s crew

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Magic Fields Team


Edgar G

Hi! My name is Edgar G ( @hunk ), I´m Software Engineer and Web Developer, currently living at México City, I have experience with PHP, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Javascript/JQuery and iOS. Actually i’m freelancer.