Taking a break

Since more than two years we are working on this plugin in our spare time, and a lot of things changed since then.

The last year and half neither of us  (Edgar and i) use wordpress any more in our diary work.

so, work on magic fields is hard because, create new features, or fix bugs for a software to i’m  not using right now for free is not very motivating.

For that i think to is time to take a break, i will stop to work on Magic Fields for a while, i want take a look in a new projects, get new ideas maybe for this plugin or for any new project.

Magic Fields tought me a lot about how works the free software, and i’m very grateful for that.

Magic fields  will continue development by Edgar (and any one who want to help in the development of MF) , i’m the only one who will take a break so, i think the new versions will be releases a little more slower but will be continue.

David aka Gnuget.