Magic Fields 2.0 released

We are very excited with MF2 because we started from scratch, with this we just drop out all the old code of the plugin and in the same time we take advantage of the new features of wordpress.

MF2 is pretty much more clean and small than mf1 and in consecuence less susceptible to bugs.

Part or the things to you will found with this release is:

Administration UI revamped: The administration pages have a new look and feel

Native Post types: No more write panels! now mf2 use a real post types.

Custom Taxonomies: Was added a new UI for add custom taxonomies.

Add Custom Fields into the default post types: now you can add custom fields into the default post types of wordpress (Post and Pages)

But all can’t be good news, in function to use the new features of wordpress this plugin required at least wordpress 3.1 or newer and MF2 for the moment is not backward compatible with MF1.

So please not try to upgrade from mf1 unless to you know what are you doing.

Magic Fields 1 will continue alive

in the way to try to do magic fields the most simple and integrated with WP we let out a few features from MF1 and seems to some people use one or more of this features in mf1 so in the meanwhile to we re-added this features in MF2 we will continue giving support to MF1 and fixing any compatibility bug with the new versions of wordpress

if you will start a new project, please first check if MF2 fulfill your needs if not feel free to continue use mf1.

And if do you like this new version you can thank us with a donation.

Download the new version here: