Magic Fields 2.0 Beta 1 is released

We are working in the new version of magic fields since a few months ago and we was thinking in make a commercial plugin from mf2 in fact we asked in the support forum about if some one was interested in paid for magic fields (you can read the thread here).

But, we will not continue with this plan, this weekend we took the desicion to preserve free (libre y gratis) the new release of magic fields.

And as part of this decision we are glad to say to Magic Fields 2.0 is ready to be tested.

A few new features of Magic Fields are:

  • Was COMPLETELY rewritten, now is more small, clean, smart, and more extensible.
  • Has a native support for WordPress post types.
  • include a UI for create your own taxonomies
  • The custom fields are not part of the core anymore this means to in the future we will possible to create a third party custom fields.

A few things to you need take in account is:

  • Magic Fields 2.0 is not backward compatible with magic fields 1.x.
  • MF2 require php 5 or newer.

if you want help us to test magic fields 2 get a copy of the development version from here:

Report any bug or issue here:

And you can found the documentation for this new release here:

And just for finish, if you are a happy user of magic fields, please consider make a donation, with your support and donations we can continue working on this plugin.

Have fun.

PD. For whom want a special support or have projects where you need help from us, soon we will offer a commercial support for the plugin.