Issues, wish list and more.

This year started with many changes in our personal lives in consecuence of this the development of magic fields has been very slow until now

But we don’t leave the development we are still working in the next version (1.4) and actually with this release all the things to we want to fix from the original project will be finish.

For that for the future releases we want to know all the suggestions from you and start to add the more popular requested features in Magic Fields. for that in the wiki of the project  was created a page called “wish list” where if you want to see a particular feature in magic fields fell free to add that feature in the wish list and we will start to evaluate which features will be added in the future..

In another hand, this last two months with no much movement in the development we see a lot of comments and possible bugs in the comments of the blog or as a messages in the mailing list.

Well, we think to is a good moment to start to manage the bugs in a better way, if you found a bug and in the mailling list don’t be able to get a answer of your problem or if someone else has the same bug and is something to you can replicate without problems feel free to open a issue here:

Just leave a little description of the bug and leave a little list of the step to you follow to replicate the bug and which operative system are installed in the server where you are using magic Fields and in which browser are you use for see the issue, with this information we can start to fix any bug.

just for finish, this version of Magic Fields come with a bunch of features and optimizations for that the time for test this version will be bigger the next version of magic fields will be launched the 21 of march.