Magic Fields 1.3-beta was released

In the last release we had a very short time for make testing and this was our own fault.

As results of this we had to create a new quickly release (the version 1.2.1) with a critical fix and after of this we found another serious bug. For that now will be separate for more time each release for has a enough time for make testing.

So thinking on this now we will release the version 1.3-beta. if you want to help us to testing this release you can download it here and if you found a bug or issue feel free to leave a comment or open a message in the support group. indicating in the title of the message to this is a bug related with the 1.3-beta version

New features to maybe you want to know for test this beta:

  • New field type: Related Type (thanks to Wouter de Winter for this)
  • Adding a new engine for make the validations be use   this plugin with this in future releases will be added a new rules of validations (for now only can be used the “required – not can be empty” rule)
  • Fix in the Image  custom field
  • Now when a group no has custom fields this group is not appear  in the  post/page  (with this “magic fields custom fields” group can be hide)
  • bug fixed when a metabox is dragged and dropped and this metabox has a multiline custom field (before when the box was dragged the content of the multiline field disappear)
  • removing more obsolete code
  • added a little dropdown in the date custom field for choice the year in the calendar
  • added option for the user can  choice the “parent page”   when  a write panel type page is created
  • Adding media buttons in the custom field  multiline  for upload images and filess


One of the most bigger issues in Magic Fields was the lack of documentation, learn how use Magic Fields was a hard task but this going to change soon.

Hunk the last week  spent his time writing a good  number of tutorials you can found them here:

If you are user of Magic Fields i’m sure to you realize to our english is not perfect for that reason our first concern for write the documentation was not be able to be the enough clear for explain how magic fields works

For that we  take the decision of write the documentation in our mother language and  wait for somebody to help us to move this  documentation to another  language, if you want to help us to move the documentation to another lang feel free to  register as user in the wiki of magic fields and start to translate.