Getting Started

This tutorial will be explain the basic use of Magic Fields, how create write panels, how create custom fields and how print in the template.

Installing Magic Fields.

Magic Fields is installed as any wordpress plugin, you just need download from his download page, put the folder in:


And in the admin area in the plugins section do click in the “activate” link and its all.

When you active the plugin the first thing to Magic Field ask is for create two folders, this folders are:

/wp-content/files-mf /



Is enough to you create these folders and give them enough permissions for be writable by Magic Fields

Now we are on road for start to use Magic Fields!

Basic Usage

The best way to understand how Magic Fields Works is with a example, in this example i want create a portfolio of my work. So, the first thing to do is a create a category called “portfolio” and after that create our write panel and assigned the category “portfolio”

Add a new write panel

Add a new write panel

Write Panels ‹ magic_fields — WordPress

In the write panel page exists many options, this options will be explained more a detail in the future for now i just leave the options by default.

Write Panels ‹ magic_fields — WordPress-1

After to create the write panel I’m going to add custom fields for this write panel, for now I will create just one custom field for add the services to I gave to the client.


Write Panels ‹ magic_fields — WordPress-2

In this page I can choice what type of custom field I want in this case I want a textbox field, and I give the name of “services” and the Label of Services.

I don’t want to this field be required and I don’t want to this field can be duplicated. (the duplicate featured will be explain in detail in the next’s posts)

And it’s all now we can enter to the portfolio panel and now we can start to create content.

Add New Post ‹ magic_fields — WordPress-1

We can view our post created with our write panel in the “Manage” option.

Edit Posts ‹ magic_fields — WordPress

Displaying our information in the template.

Well now we need display the information to be added in our template, for that Magic Fields give us a little api for this. Lets go.

In our single.php file we can add this:

echo get('services');

And it’s all.

Now if we visit the post we will see the information to we put in the services field.

Client name « magic_fields

Exists many more things to we can do with Magic Fields, in the next’s posts I will talk about the differents types of fields.

UPDATE: For more information about Magic fields visit the wiki

Magic Fields 1.0 was released

We are working on this first release very hard the last weeks and I’m very glad to write this first post and explain what exactly is magic fields and how can help you for do your life more easy.

Magic Fields born as a fork of flutter and is a WordPress CMS plugin, focuses in simplifies content management for the admin creating custom write panels also with Magic Fields you will be able to create (in a very easy way) custom fields for your write panels.

If you are interesting in Magic Fields you can download our first release in the wordpress plugin’s page.

And if you are interesting in help us or you are interesting in follow the development you can do it in the github repository or in twitter