With Magic Fields you will be able to create custom fields for your post types in a very simple and straightforward way. After you use it, you will really think it's magic ;-)

Are you ready?

Magic Fields is not longer more in wordpress plugin repositories, all development and releases will be in github

What is it?

Magic Fields is a WordPress CMS plugin who is focused in improved the way about how are create the custom fields in wordpress. With Magic Fields you will be able to choose between 15 types of custom fields including image, multiline, checkbox, audio, file, color picker, date picker, drop down, etc.

Magic Fields v2 was rewritten to use them to improve that was included Wordpress 3.0, which allowed us to optimize and to improve the functioning of Magic Fields, Magic Fields v2 allows creates of easy way and simple post types and custom taxonomies, you can easily set options and labels for Post Types and Custom Taxonomies

It works with Wordpress 3.x

Magic Fields is constantly tested the latest version of Wordpress to make sure everything works fine


Yep, read the manual, Magic Fields has a great community, in Google Groups you can find help or help more developers

Support Us

If you are a happy user of Magic Fields, please consider make a donation, with your support and donations we can continue working on this plugin.